May 13, 2020


  • Consumer engagement is rewarded with customized access to editorial content and e-commerce offerings
  • Active user engagement empowers audience segmentation to increase subscriptions and e-commerce conversions
  • Interactive ads achieve outstanding brand-awareness and activation delivering premium-ROI

Act2Access introduces innovative and interactive advertising solutions that benefit publishers, advertisers and consumers alike. Those solutions convert passive consumers into actively engaged ones and introduce multiple monetization options. Instead of being served non-relevant advertising content, the consumer is given a choice to actively engage with the brand. For each engagement, the consumer is rewarded with customized editorial and e-commerce offerings. This means that the publishers are empowered to continuously actively engage and reward their audiences. With Act2Access, publishers stay in full control through the creation of their own interactive advertising inventory, pricing and ad-acceptance-criteria. Importantly, they can choose to act as advertisers for self-marketing purposes. Importantly, they can choose to act as advertisers for self-marketing purposes.

Act2Access interactive advertising can be placed as anti-adblocking, paid-content or native. It achieves outstanding brand-awareness, delivers premium-ROI and with each engagement generates relevant consumer insights. The three distinct product lines – Ad-Block, Premium-Content, and Native-Commerce – are compatible and work in synergy to funnel traffic. Those do not compete with the existing classic ad-formats but are instead introduced as premium. Active user engagement and consent empower audience segmentation, increase registrations, subscriptions and e-commerce conversions. Importantly, by leveraging big data and proprietary algorithms, Act2Access scales the level of personalization and delivers unparalleled ROI.

Andrea Čordaš, Member of the Group Management Board at Marquard Media Group, comments:“Marquard Media Group is dedicated to creating innovative, highly scalable and data-driven open platform solutions in gaming, shopping, publishing and IT. All solutions are built as data-generating and brand-centric activity systems empowering consumers to economically participate in the value-creation. Zühlke, one of our innovation partners, is uniquely positioned to support the Marquard Media Group journey towards generating scalable ‘flywheel’ innovations in our core verticals.”

Thorsten Knauf, Director Business Development at Zühlke Engineering GmbH, adds: “We are proud that Marquard Media Group has chosen Zühlke as the strategic innovation partner for their interactive ad platform development. As a service provider for Business Innovation, Zühlke supports leading clients to establish new business models, product innovation and services – from ideation through development to market success. Internet advertising is already the single largest advertising segment globally. A new level of interactive consumer engagement is a promising new direction.”



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